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Luxe Cashmere Sleep Set

Luxe Cashmere Sleep Set




JW London's Luxe Cashmere Sleep Set is perfect for indulging in me-time, or when you need a much needed nap, or to accompany you on your travels.

    Each set includes one soft throw, one eye mask lined in satin, and one zippered pouch that doubles as a pillowcase (fits standard airline pillows).

    A satin-lined eye mask helps you relax and unwind as you snuggle beneath an ultra-soft cable-knit wool blanket made of cashmere and merino wool.  Zip pouch doubles as a pillowcase that fits most standard airline pillows, pillow insert not included.

    Throw: 60'' (L) x 36" (W) , Pillow Pouch: 11'' (L) x 15'' (W)

    Care Instructions: Hand wash only, be sure to use baby shampoo or mild detergent like Woolite or Essence. Press out excess water, but do not wring.  Lay flat on a towel to dry.